Gustavo Zevallos

My name is Gustavo Zevallos, but my friends call me "Cholo", which stands for local, native or man of the country. I am 43 years old, married to a beautiful woman called Greta and father of three kids, Pablo, Diego and Julia.

I have always been keen on exploring my country and discovering the beauties it has to offer and since I have started working in the tourism industry, 11 years ago, I have become even more proud of being a Panamanian.

Panama is a small but very diverse land and it has many incredible places to offer our visitors, but I think that mainly the beauty of its people is what drives me to invite people to my country.

Besides the proximity of two oceans and our breathtaking rain forest, which I deeply enjoy, it's the variety of rich cultures that you can still find in Panama, that makes me want to learn everyday something new. The fact that each indigenous group has so much knowledge, culture and a very distinct idiosyncrasy to learn from makes me focus my tours to these areas.


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